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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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sedan on the downward side of the highrise approaching foster city boulevard still blocking the right lane. it on the western portion of the bridge. the flat section you will begin to see brake light as approaching the highrise. so far traffic is moving nicely past the scene. they are expecting to have that accident out of lanes by 5:30 this morning. currently in the right lane. take a look at road sensors across the span not a bad drive westbound over towards the foster city area. high tide expected 10:34 this morning tides northbound 101 highway 1 expected to be flooded caltrans will be on the scene. another chance of flooding tomorrow at 11:30 those are the two highest tides over the next couple of days. good morning. live doppler dry radar return
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off the coast way down around monterey otherwise cool conditions this morning. mid to upper 30s at reporting stations. going to be cooler in your neighborhood frost already out there 39 redwood city low to mid 40s bay shore and towards the coast. today mostly sunny across the board 53 to 56°. 5:2. unusually high tide as long the does, king tides will reach their peak today, highest of the year this could mean trouble for low-lying areas. >> reporter: this is one spot where you often see the water come in when there's a big storm or a king tide like today on the embarcadero. be aware you probably know of those spots in your area. today is going to be the day you will see water come in, today is expected to be the peak.
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yesterday's tide did do some flooding places like marin city, where they experienced water on the bike trails, water in parking lots and on some streets. king tides happen once a month. because of big winter storms in the gulf of alaska we are seeing impact this month. residents in sausalito's waldo point harbor say they usually know what to expect but even they were a little surprised. >> usually it comes to here where we are now. really high one will go halfway across the road. >> reporter: you will see a little more water coming to shore today the peak is expected at 11:30. the weather is supposed to be nice today so the tide won't have anything fueling it along we are lucky this didn't happen last week when it was raining. king tides are expected to last through saturday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. classes will go on
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schedule at cal-state fullerton after a search put the school on lock down it was lifted 12:30 this morning s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the business school buildings after a man suspected in two robberies ran in. most students received text alerts telling them to shelter-in-place. >> i saw all these cop cars and then we see some guy running through the intersection and start walking through everyone was telling the cops which way he went. >> some students spent up to eight hours barricaded in classrooms, offices and dorm rooms, officers captured three the man who ran on to the campus and one other remain at large. more than 60 whom saids in san francisco this year the -- 60 homicides in san francisco this year.
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services for 26-year-old who died sunday night bound, beaten and shot, dating an 18-year-old woman also found along side him bound and beaten she is expected to survive. reed was from georgia and planning to move here. investigators say they were target add attacked by a group of acquaintances. three women and two men are in custody. -- new pressure on ross mirkarimi to step down. petition urging him to resign. a group says they want to avoid a costly recall which they have threatened, they hope to get 50,000 signatures. anti-domestic violence advocates have been trying to oust him after he bruised his wife's arm in a new year's eve argument. this morning police are telling people in a fremont neighborhood about a package
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thief on the loose. surveillance camera caught him in the act, watch as the driver of that white car walks to the front door of a home. he grabs the package, uses his jacket to conceal it and drives off. this happened saturday at a house on logan drive. anyone with information about that person is asked to call fremont police. abc7 news has learned state public health department has decertified a facility. that facility cares for patients with intellectual disabilities there have been charges of faulty investigations into incidents of patients being harmed including a story we break that patients were being tased, the facility will lose its medicaid funding with oakland mayor has asked federal prosecutors to back off and leave america's largest medical marijuana dispensary alone. attorneys for the city of oakland filed papers on behalf of the center.
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claiming the federal government said in a patent filing that cannibus compounds are useful in the treatment of some diseases. oakland receives 1.4 million per year intacts from licensed dispensaries. wyche -- we've had fatal accident on san mateo bridge. let's find out the latest on that hoping to have it cleared by 5:30 right now on the western portion on the right of your screen. blocking the right lane suv and car involved. unfortunately, it turned out to be a fatal accident. not seeing much slowing until you get past the scene, speeds are at the limit along the flat section into the highrise, eto for this will be 5:30 this morning it speeds at the limit at this time as you travel westbound on the san mateo bridge. bay bridge toll no problems, few cars headed into
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san francisco westbound no problems upper deck from the incline, cantilever section into san francisco. eastbound and westbound 237 rams closed until 6:00 due to roadwork not seeing slowing detour in place closure right lane eastbound 4 loveridge to somersville due to roadwork until 6:00. chilly start. it is going to stay chilly for the next couple of hours. it is definitely cold out there with inland. also, fog forming around orinda and youtí'ñf"ñ can see in novato 1 and a half mile visibility not dangerous but out there, area of low pressure pull weighing the one that brought rain this time yesterday here's the break between the next system coming in tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours enjoy today's uneventful weather, except for the cold start, upper 30s inland through 7:00, low to mid 40s from the coast through the bay flirting with
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50 at noon mostly sunny, sunglasses at 4:00, low to mid 50s, heavier coat for the evening, mid to upper 40s around a mainly clear sky. as we head through the next couple of days, unsettled pattern, light rain tomorrow, low to mid 50s, lighter rain saturday, mid to upper 50s, we get a break sunday mid to upper 50s before more rain next week i'll show you that in about seven minutes. 5:09. battle over north bay oyster farm takes another legal turn. next, the order its lawyers want a judge to issue. holidays are great time to say thank to you the people who help us everyday. who should you tip and how much? michael finney has what you need to know. >> first america's money report. good morning. history-making move from the fed for the first time linking interest rates to a specific unemployment number.
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bernanke says rates will remain ultra low until the jobless rate drops below 6 1/2% which he says could take more than three years. american airlines has a new way to charge fees bundling add ons with plans called choice, choice essential and choice plus which could cost up to $88 round trip. britney spears tops forbes list of top earning women in music, 58 million dollars, taylor behind at 57 million followed rihanna, lady gaga and
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good morning. you are looking live at the san mateo bridge things appear to be moving smoothly chp dealing with aftermath of a fatal accident on the bridge. right lane blocked they are trying to move the debris out of the way they hope to have it out of the way by 5:30. sue will have the details, coming up. in daly city officials expect cleanup and repair from water main break last month to cost nearly a million dollars. the break turned a neighborhood into quite a muddy mess. nearly $5oo,000 of the expense will go towards fixing the gash in the hillside. since the pipe broke many
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complained of overflowing toilets and sewage problems. owner of drakes bay oyster company suing to keep farm open behind the 90 days he's been granted by the secretary of the interior. a date for the judge to hear the restraining order has not been set. the owner has filed a separate suit challenging the merits of the decision to shutdown his operation. secretary salazar decided last month the company's lease with the national park service would not be renewed and the site would be returned to its natural state. how much should you tip if at all? michael finney has what you need to know. >> reporter: hairstylists keep us looking good, mail carriers get us our mail, rain or shine, sanitation workers do one of the dirtiest jobs around. holidays are a good time to show your appreciation with a tip.
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cindy is founder of advanced etiquette. >> tipping is supposed to be operational in most stances. as a result, it is something more personal -- >> reporter: survey of 1800 americans found barbers receive average tip of $10. teachers $20. so do hair dressers, mail care , manicurists, newspaper carriers, pet care providers and sanitation workers. gardners and lawn care workers $25. housekeepers $50. >> you tip what you have extra to spare and to share. i tip if i feel that people give me a friendly good service and treat me kindly and don't make me feel like i'm -- i owe them something. >> reporter: another option. >> the difference is for people who serve you year round.
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i think a gift is much more personal than just giving money. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. shopsmart found 39% of those surveyed said they didn't tip at all last holiday season. 55% of the women who didn't tip cited tight budgets, 41% of men gave the same reason. for workers who do a good job, tips are appreciates. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. if you plan on getting away this holiday season you are going to have lots of company, aaa predicts more than 93 million will travel between december 22nd and january 1st, the busiest season since the prerecession record in 2006. also a record, 90% of drivers expected to hit roads because of limited and expensive airline seats. expect crowded highways this christmas, pack your patience. traveling on the san mateo bridge westbound we've been
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following a fatal accident. it happened before 4:00 this morning, suv and sedan on the western portion of the span, you can see blinking lights of the emergency crews on scene still blocking right lane in the westbound dexa approaching foster city boulevard down -- downward sigh of the highrise, flat section not affecting traffic. they hope to have it cleared by 5:30, speeds are at the limit westbound. eastbound looking good, few gawkers past the scene of the accident. highway 80 westbound past emeryville, berkeley into the macarthur maze light as well. road sensors on the san mateo bridge, traffic is getting by nicely we hope to have that accident cleared shortly. southbound 68 ozone valley road smoking big rig on shoulder fire en route, no slow traffic as you make your way through alamo.
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we want to say a big thank you to all thephobes who came out yesterday to support share your -- to all the folks who came out yesterday to support share your holiday food drive. a lot of fun. it was cold yesterday morning. >> definitely was. a little wet also, colder this morning as we look from mount sutro on san francisco all the way over towards the east bay. with lack of clouds you would think doppler is dry, it is a few radar off carmel, those are out over the ocean where they are going to stay. how much cool it than yesterday? five degrees in san francisco, nine in oakland, 13 san jose concord and livermore 14° cooler than this time yesterday. what are those temperatures waiting for you? mid to upper 30s, 33
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santa rosa, 34 napa and livermore, 35 concord, 36 fairfield, 37 san rafael. 30s along bay shore. even into the south bay upper 30s scattered frost this morning. monterey bay mid to upper 30s, monterey 42°. after a chilly start, partly cloudy and cooler, dry today. light rain comes back as quickly as tomorrow, another chance saturday, we get a break sunday, more chances of wet weather next week. very active pattern that will nickel and dime us with small storms --. low to mid 50s mostly sunny sky, monterey bay inland temperatures around 54 to 56°. tonight 30s clouds start to roll in towards this time in the morning 40s around the bay shore oakland, san mateo,
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san francisco, san jose possibly 40 radar returns coming back one system passing by us storm door open straight down from alaska, cold, unsettled from now over the next several days. here's what happens tomorrow morning about 4:00, 5:00, light rain by 7:00 most of us are getting light rain except east bay valleys and santa clara valleys, 9:00 all of us are getting light rain towards the evening hours it is over. next system almost a repeat comes in saturday, will bring us light rain for the better part of the day. rainfall totals for friday around 10th to quarter of an inch, saturday only up to about a 10th of an inch. sunday will be drier, temperatures warmer in the mid to upper 50s. we mentioned share your holiday food drive.
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look -- sunny and snowing yesterday. >> how can you be there and here at the same sometime? a lot of people came by we thank them, the food drive has raised $13,000, more than 2500 pounds of food that doesn't include online and texted donations which are still being counted. >> you can still help by calling the number we'll put up on the screen: 1-877-525-3775. or text the word feed to 80077 and that will give $10. >> abc7 news you will find seven ways to give. >> mail it, call it, all sorts of different ways it was nice to see people from different economic backgrounds come and
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share what they could that was the touching part of meeting everybody in walnut creek. [ talking over each other ] [ unintelligible ] the online university offering a business degree for free. what you need to do to take advantage of the offer. facebook turns crime fighter. the international criminal suspects it helped nab.
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good morning. live look westbound san mateo bridge tail lights towards the scene of fatal accident we've been following. still debris which they hope to get out of there soon. beware, after you get off the highrise that scene may still be there. sue will have another update in a moment with a new bart delay.
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facebook has helped the fbi crack a massive global hacking ring the hackers used malware to get credit card numbers steal them and bank details in one of the largest cyber crime hauls in history. the security team identified the accounts and provided tools to remove the threats 11 million computers were affected more than 8 million dollars in losses, 10 arrest and the suspects are from the u.s., britain, bosnia, croatia, new zealand and peru. if you work in san francisco or oakland you may be eligible to earn a free college degree. free undergraduate degrees in business books and materials are included. including to university now anyone working in san francisco, oakland or sacramento will be accepted as long as their employers make a few wishing donation of any
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amount. -- donation of any amount. fatal accident on san mateo -- [ inaudible ] i'm not sure they will headache that 5:30 deadline. you can see blinking lights emergency crews on the portion of the san mateo bridge blocking right lane westbound due to fatal accident before 4:00 this morning involving an suv and car. you can see on the flat section starting to get tail lights and brake light as preparing the highrise. accident on the western portion approaching foster city boulevard, expect delays if they don't get that out in the appropriate time. golden gate bridge out of wall toe tunnel no delays, pittsburg bay point line 10 to 15 minute delays due town scheduled repair work at%kus
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pleasant hill. no other mass transit problems. smoking big rig southbound 68 ozone valley road, xú minor delays past the scene in alamo. watch out for frost inland [ inaudible ] temperatures by the afternoon hours mostly sunny and low to mid 50s, around 52 to 56° tight spread. showers down to the south and moving southward by the afternoon hours san diego and palm springs getting a little wet weather. scattered snow showers around tahoe 30, yosemite 42. chico 50, sacramento, 54°. another storm on the way tomorrow and saturday, sunday looking dry. complete forecast coming up. san leandro police officer doing more than keeping the peace.
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he's trying to make a difference for needy kids. the officer has raised more than $20,000 to help provide children with gifts for the holidays. he uses the money to build bikes and donate them to kids at the davis street family resource center. last year officer brant raised $testify -- raised $17,000. he is now $3,000 away from his goal. when we come back, we'll find out if the highway patrol is able to clear that fatal accident westbound on the san mateo bridge. sue is following that. san francisco police sergeant in trouble for video of a driver racing through the broadway tunnel at 100 miles per hour. what it could mean for his career
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good morning thursday 5:30 thanks for join us, i'm is. i'm eric thomas. we've -- we just got off the phone with chp they originally said 5:30. you can see the blinking lights crews still on scene of this fatal accident westbound on the western portion of the san mateo bridge slow on the highrise section as you approach the scene of the accident still blocking right lane, so far, so good, hoping to get a new eto shortly. bart delay pittsburg bay point line both directs due to unscheduled track repairs at pleasant hill no other delays on mass transit this morning.
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roadwork will be late picking up northbound 880 at washington, until 6:30 this morning. we start with doppler 7 hd, we'll look at what is going on, very quiet this morning. just a few clouds and really chilly temperatures waiting for you. 30s everywhere, except 40 in antioch, fremont 42, oakland 43, san francisco 45, half moon bay 41 a lot of frost inland valleys away from the reporting stations. dry today, a lot of sunshine, you can put the umbrella away today keep the jacket handy, temperatures well below average, 53 to 56°. 5:32 san francisco police are investigating a dangerous high speed run through the broadway tunnel at speeds
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topping 100 miles an hour, captured on video and the subject of the probe is one of their own. terry mcsweeney is live near the tunnel with this strange story i am >> reporter: internal affairs taking a look at this video which you are about to see and also taking a look at the sergeant of the san francisco police who allegedly moved this video. if you look at the video you are going to see at least one law broken. apparently a lamborghini raising through the broadway tunnel according to the person who posted it police sergeant carl t the lamborghini going nor than 100 miles per hour, makes it through the tunnel in 16 seconds the limit, 35, it takes two and a half times longer. sergeant t talking the lamborghini, room than you think, plus we were all drunk. member of the police
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commission says this may never come into the public an reason name >> the commission can't look at it until something is brought to them by the occ. >> reporter: the office of citizen complaints sergeant t is his legal name it was carl 10 baum. he changed it legally. -- call tannenbaum, he changed it legally. he said he wasn't driving he was in the middle shooting the video. when he posted that everybody was drunk, no law against being drunk in a car as long as you are not behind the wheel. you might remember that name sergeant tannenbaum in 1993 he was assigned to the police chief's detail investigated for saying allegedly having sex with a woman inside the police chief's car it this internal affairs investigation is now in its first full day. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. classes resume at normal or as normal as cal-state
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fullerton after a manhunt put the campus into lock down for several hours officers did not find the suspected robber in orange county it appears the man ran into the business school after a high freed freeway chase yesterday afternoon investigators believe he was one of -- high speed freeway chase yesterday afternoon. student -- [ unintelligible ] a coroner in london is revealing new details about the death of that nurse who answered a hoax call about the duchess of cambridge. the coroner says jacintha saldanha hung herself. she was reportedly phone hanging by a scarf in her room at a long done hospital. also in the room several notes that are now being reviewed by police. she was found friday, days after she took that prank call if a pair of australian deejays, pretending to be the queen.
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soft bier in back if the u.s. and talking john mcafee has yet to -- answer questions about the murder of his neighbor in belize but answering plenty questions about his odyssey that ended in miami. >> reporter: john mcafee sat down for an interview with matt gutman. we knew he had a 20-year-old girlfriend, now he says he has two and the other one is 17 his goal is to get both of them to the united states. in his hotel room he flashed a stack of cash. he says a stranger dropped it off for him. he says he's broke that he lost 20 million dollars. mcafee admits his crazy act was just that, an act one he says saved his life. >> millionaire madman on the run, you paid attention to the story. >> because you acted like a madman? >> i did and it worked.
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>> reporter: mcafee landed in florida last night guatemalan authorities deported him because he snuck into the country illegally from belize. authorities in belize want to talk to him about the murder of his neighbor, an american citizen. at this point mcafee has not been charged with any crime. agencies in the u.s. say there is no acty arrest warrant for him. new posting from his blog asks the media respects his privacy. mcafee told matt gutman he has no idea where he will go or what he will do next. katie marzullo, abc7 news. marin county search underway for bank rob got a lot of cash twin cities police department released two photos, this shows a man dressed in black, robbing chase branch on sir francis drake boulevard in greenbrae yesterday 5:30 p.m.. employees say the robber placed a small bag on the
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counter handed the teller a note demanded money. 5:37. new this morning, berkeley high school teacher scheduled to be arraigned next week for lsd possession and drunk driving after a traffic stop in san rafael. the marin ij reports the san rafael police stopped 51-year-old douglas haste for allegedly running a red light he just left a restaurant and showed signs of intoxication. when he was booked in jail police say he was carrying liquid breath mint that tested positive for lsd. he was hired in august to -- starting today, bart increasing patrols and offering safety escorts at some stations to keep riders safe. bart is adding more trolls teaming up with oakland police to provide escorts at west oakland station volunteers will be at that station from 4
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to 8 p.m. to escort passengers parked within three blocks. bart says the patrols are intended to remind passengers to stay alert and aware. drivers on the san mateo bridge or take the san mateo want to know the latest about the fatal accident. >> sue is the latest? >> still in attackive scene no estimated time of opening, far right hand portion of the span right lane still blocked, i don't know if you can see, emergency lights still blocking, traffic starting to bunch up approaching the scene, right lane blocked with fatal accident before 4:00 this morning involving suv and sedan, flat section you can see tail lights starting to bunch up approaching the highrise so far we are not seeing major delays, chp coroner on the scene with fire and medics. to the toll, no problems heading into san francisco,
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light and no metering lights yet, road sensors on the san mateo bridge showing 60 miles an hour across the span not bad considering that accident. we have a bart delay, 10 to 15 minutes pit barge -- pittsburg bay point line, no other mass transit delays. earlier accident north 101 dunn in the morgan hill area now cleared to the right shoulder. good morning. visibility a little fog around or rib -- orinda, no reporting station, mile and a half novato we have a reporting station frost inland valleys. not much of a breeze, fastest wind east wind at half moon bay eight miles per hour northeast at six in hayward out of north in santa rosa six miles per hour.
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today as far as spreading temperatures out, 30s and 40s this morning, near 50 at noon, low to mid 50s 4:00, back into the mid to upper 40s 7:00. you will need a heavy coat again once the sun sets. rain gear tomorrow, another system saturday with lighter rain sunday completely dry and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. coming up, new information we are learning about the man who went on a shooting rampage at a portland mall. caltrans tries to give the new bay bridge a
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5:44. good morning. live look at san mateo bridge, chp hoped to have a fatal accident westbound on the western end of the bridge cleared by 5:30 that has not happened. we have no new estimated time for clearing that. we'll let you know the latest with sue hall coming up. we are learning more about the mass beed man behind the portland mall shooting. the sheriff there says 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts used a stolen ar-15
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semi-automatic rifle in the attack he killed a 54-year-old woman and 45-year-old man before turning the again on himself, a 15-year-old girl was seriously wounded. his ex-girlfriend said he was typically happy but changed in the week before the shooting, he quit his job, sold his belongings and say he was moving to hawaii. she has no idea what set him off. police trying to find a motive. fire 'em! that's what the governor told caltrans to do with a private firm hired to promote the new bay bridge caltrans agreed to spend 9.8 million dollars to bring in outside pr people. the chronicle reports the governor's office was embarrassed because the high cost would look improper, given the states -- given the state's financial woes. bad news if you are thinking of drying anywhere this winter season especially if you are renting a car. >> here's jane king. good morning.
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we may be past the worst of the foreclosure problem but not out of woods yet. forelow sure starts fell 28% in november from a -- years ago. bank repo sessions jumped for the -- time in two years. more --. [ unintelligible ] new pricing plan from american airlines. you still have to pay for checked bags and $150 fee if you change reservation. higher fares and tough economy have more people traveling by car. that means if you are traveling over the holidays, get ready for ugly jams. aaa forecasting record 84 1/2 million people will drive athlete 50 miles this season rising prices for rental cars.
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definitely want to know whether that lane has reopened on the san mateo bridge following that earth morning fatal accident. not yet -- still acty scene westbound western portion of the span towards foster city beautiful, right lane blocked portion of the span that is three lanes, two lanes are getting by, brake lights as you approach the highrise, it is amazingly not too bad we would expect major back-up long the flat section which we have not yet seen. fatal accident before 4:00 this morning involving suv and sedan, coroner on scene crews acty scene on the western portion of the update in jut -- jut a few minutes. -- san jose 87 northbound moving nicely past hp
5:47 am
pavilion. speeds on the san mateo bridge 52 miles an hour up and over the highrise, bay point, pittsburg line bart delay 10 to 15 minutes due to unexpected track repairs no other mass transit problems. good morning. heavier coat this morning, may need to scrape frost off the car inland valleys, clear radar sweep now on doppler. boast chance of showers off the coast around monterey, heading south away from us. mid to upper 30s livermore, concord, fairfield, napa, upper 30s around the bay, redwood city, mountain view, san jose, 38 to 39°. mid to upper 30s monterey bay and inland 42 in monterey, heavier coat here. going to be partly cloudy,
5:48 am
cool and dry, light rain tomorrow and saturday, more chances next week i am here's what is going to happen today, temperatures 52 to 56° mostly sunny sky. don't think it will as breezy as it was yesterday, mid 50s monterey bay and as we head inland mostly sunny and calmer. tonight 30s around once again, 40s around the bay shore, clouds return late during the overnight hours, rain starting to develop in the north bay by the morning commute. cold front moving away from us, small bubble of high pressure trier air mass in this flow that is unsettled and cold. next air mass coming from alaska again. will -- [ unintelligible ] 4:00 tomorrow morning just the beginning of those sprinkles north bay by 7:00 everybody except east bay and
5:49 am
santa clara valleys should get light rain will take over all neighborhoods at 9:00 noon drying trend by the afternoon hours looking at mostly cloudy conditions. overnight friday into saturday, fairly quiet, clouds roll back in saturday morning ahead of our next system noon and hang around for the entire afternoon and evening hours it will finally dissipate by sunday morning. high tides today and tomorrow about 10:30 and 11:30 watch pout if your car is near the bay shore or ocean, it may get wet. rainfall amounts light friday, saturday less, sunday dry, chances of rain monday, tuesday, wednesday. secretary of state clinton set to testify on capitol hill next thursday on the libyan consulate attack. before that, a state
5:50 am
department accountability board set to release their findings in the attack that killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador. the board is looking into whether enough attention was given to potential threats and how washington responded to security requests. we are learning more about the plane crash that killed jenni rivera. the learjet that she and six others were aboard plunged 28,000 feet and hit the ground in an almost vertical nosedive at more than 600 miles an hour. the crash was in a remote area of north mexico the chief of the company that owned the jet served time in prison for faking safety records of planes that he sold. big change you may hear today in the tv commercials you watch. plot to murder justin bieber. why a man was so determined to kill
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those annoying super loud commercials should now be a thing of the past. starting today new law says commercials can be no louder than the perhaps they appear in. it is called the calm act. the law governs broadcasters, cable and satellite operators
5:55 am
suspected violations can be reported to the fcc on their website. we need to hear sue because she continues to follow weather clear that lane blocked due to fatal accident. still being blocked now, you can see emergency crew lights blinking right lane blocked fatal accident happened before 4:00 this morning, coroner on scene. we are not seeing too much of major back-up especially westbound. once you get past the scene there is minor slowing, still the flat section and highrise booking good, 20 minute drive from east bay towards -- looking no metering lights lights minor back up at bay bridge toll chains on 50 in the sierra. snow up there but it is going to taper during the afternoon hopefully that will change. let's talkg about what is happening here first, low to mid 50s today mostly sunny
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skies, you will need sunglasses. some of the shores showing up on doppler across the state -- some of the showers showing up on doppler across the state. grapevine might have snow this morning. police say they've stopped a plot to murder singing star justin bieber. police identified suspected mastermind as dana martin convicted killer in prison in new mexico. he plotted to kill bieber after his attempts to contact the singer fail. the hit men were on their way to new york they missed an exit and ended up at the canadian border where they were detained by border patrol agents. more flooding expected today, highest tides of the year in a few hours. special services this morning to remember the four
5:57 am
people killed in san francisco, including the man found bound and gagged earlier this week. tablet computer accessory that could end timing on a up screen.
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good thursday morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. sue has been following fatal accident on san mateo bridge. starting to slow a bit on the western portion of the span past the highrise towards the foster city boulevard area. you can see the flashing lights far right of the screen it is dark out there brake lights towards the westbound highrise section not bad, we were expecting a bigger jam-up. three lanes on


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